Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre


The Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre provides wedding ring delivery by bird of prey, falconry and hawking courses, activities, corporate events, shows and displays as well as film work throughout northern England and southern Scotland. If you wish to learn more about falconry, in and around North Cumbria and South West Scotland, then please use our address, telephone number or e-mail address to find out more about the services we offer.

We re-open Monday 12th April

Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre - Falconry in North Cumbria and South West Scotland

Pull out all the stops for you big day and get your wedding rings delivered by one of our birds of prey.

Happy Couple Feedback

"The Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre was fantastic from the first moment we made contact to organise an owl ring delivery. They were brilliant and very friendly! The setting up was so discreet that no one noticed it happening - none of our guests knew what we were planning we kept it a BIG secret. It was incredible and Molly the owl is beautiful (and I'm scared of all birds!!) All our guests are still talking about it! Something we will never forget and highly recommend."

Hannah McCormack

"Gary attended our wedding with Willow the barn owl. Such a magical experience and everyone loved it. Such a professional service. My guests got to hold the owl and have photos taken. She was the star of the show. Would highly recommend."

Paula Cowper

"Thank you so much for coming to our wedding ceremony. Molly was amazing when delivering our wedding rings yesterday. A fantastic unique experience"

Daz Newton

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Visiting the Centre

The Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre is in the city of Carlisle (west of Carlisle city centre). If you wish to visit the centre you need to make an appointment or book a falconry course or activity. If none of our courses meet your needs then please use our contact details to let us know about your requirements

Our Thurstonfield site allows us to concentrate on training and flying birds whilst keeping the centre looking at its best. The site sits in the Solway basin and is lucky enough to be the home to woodpeckers, red squirrels and roe deer, as well as numerous other birds and mammals.

Our courses, activity days and other activities remain the same as always and we are sure guests will enjoy the new surroundings as much as we do.


The Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre offers a wide variety of training courses and activities - from one-hour Hawk Walks to Five-Day Hawking Courses - all from the centre in Thurstonfield, near Carlisle, Cumbria.

We now offer Family Sessions.

Our Courses and Activities are all coordinated from the centre based in Thurstonfield, near Carlisle, Cumbria.

If you wish to impress some of your more discerning clients why not bring them along to the centre, in Cumbria, to experience falconry through a group activity day. Guaranteed to be a memorable experience the centre's beautiful grounds and personal touch will make your customers feel like valued individuals.

The Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre often receives requests for other falconry services such as photographic days, wedding party falconry displays and shows and film work: whatever your need we will try to help.

For more information go to Other Services.


We have made special adjustments to re-open the centre from Monday 22nd June. As part of our control measures we will be limiting access to the site to one group at a time.

To help us with this, we would ask that all visits are booked in advance to allow us to plan our time and ensure that we can allow us many visitors in as possible.

We will have additional sanitizing stations throughout the site, and following outlines our Control Measures

Infection Control Measures

We want to reassure our customers that the Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre is a safe place to visit which is why we have introduced the following measures which we feel helps to control the risk of infection.

We have lots of open spaces which we will make best use of by limiting our visits to one group at a time. A group can be 8 persons at most.

Social Distancing - YOU

We are reducing the likelihood of person-to-person contamination by limiting visits to one group at a time, on a reduced timetable which is booked in advance.

· Groups can only book for sessions in advance.

· One group will be permitted on site at a time.

· We will conduct all sessions outside if weather is permitting, or re-schedule these for another time.

· Group times will be spread throughout the day to avoid any contact with external parties.

· Ask that you cover your mouth with a tissue or hand if you sneeze, and remind you of this through signage on your visit.

· All ‘full-day’ sessions will be suspended until further notice to avoid the need to use our premises for any part of your activity.

· Reduce our services to those who are not defined as ‘Clinically Vulnerable’, including those aged 70 or over and those with some underlying health conditions, such as over 70s; People with liver disease, diabetes; Pregnant women and others.

Social Distancing – our staff

We will keep as much distance from you as possible and our team will deliver our experiences without coming too close to you. Where we will anticipate needing close contact through handling, we will encourage the use of PPE

· Staff will wear masks when closer contact where bird handling is necessary.

· Staff will minimise bird handling with you as much as possible, but will allow you to get close up to birds in alternative ways.

· No other persons will be permitted on our site during your visit.

· We will not shake your hands when we meet you

· Ask that you pay by card online or over the phone to avoid us having to touch cash

· We will monitor the health of our staff and ask staff to isolate should they show any symptoms.

hand sanitizing

We will provide you with a place to sanitise your hands when you arrive as well as Sanitizer with a minimum of 70% alcohol. This will be sited at the Car park and will ensure you are able to sanitize your hands as soon as you enter our site.

· We will encourage you to arrive a little earlier to give you enough time to do this

· Position this at the Car Park so you know where this is

· We have set up an additional Sanitizer area in our Bird Handling area to encourage you to sanitize your hands more frequently throughout your visit.

· We will provide you with instructions on how to sanitize your hands properly with the materials to be able to do so.

ppe – personal protective equipment

We will provide you with latex gloves so that you can use these before you put on our Falconry gloves. These will be positioned at the Hand Sanitizing Station which will be clearly marked.

· Provide these free of charge

· Provide PPE Waste Disposal bins so you can dispose of these without touching any other surfaces

· Provide Masks for our Staff who are working in closer contact with you.

· Clearly identify where you can find PPE on our site