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Half-Day Activities

The centre offers half-day activities. On a half day you can expect to fly around four or five different species on a more condensed version of the activity day.

Half-Day hawking and falconry activities at the Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre

The Activities

The half-day starts with tea or coffee, followed by a tour of the centre, but lunch is not included. You will have the opportunity to fly four or five different raptors (eagles, owls, buzzards, hawks and falcons) as a good introduction into falconry, taught by a fully-trained falconer, Gary Swainson. Half days start at either 10.00 or 14.00 and last approximately 3 hours. Once again cameras are welcome (I will even take pictures for you).

Requirements and Costs

    • Price for one person is £105

    • Minimum age unaccompanied is 14

    • Minimum age accompanied is 10

    • In poor weather wellies are a good idea

    • Spectator price is £25