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Activity Days

Throughout the year the Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre runs activity days: these are hands on days flying as many of the birds housed at the centre as possible, to make an exciting day out in North Cumbria and South West Scotland.

The Day

I firmly believe that if you have paid for a falconry experience day the last thing you want is to spend half your day in a classroom learning the theory of falconry, you want to get out there and fly the birds.

The Activities

    • Firstly you can expect a cup of tea or coffee in comfortable surroundings whilst you get to know the other guests on the day (we take a maximum of 4 people unless requested otherwise by a group coming together).

    • You will then be given a tour of the centre and an explanation of the birds housed here.

The Good Bit

    • First thing is a hawk walk around the beautiful woodland bordering the centre where you will fly one of the centres Harris Hawks and see how these birds will follow on through the tree tops and return periodically to the fist.

    • On returning to the centre you can expect to fly birds such as Barn Owl, Great Gray Owl, Turkey Vulture, Kestrel and Bateleur Eagle, and watch as a Falcon is flown passing at 150 miles per hour within inches of you.

    • The day is broken up with lunch at the centre; so don't bring sandwiches, as you will only waste them! - Let us know of any dietary requirements.

    • And the day finishes with a coffee or tea.

Bird of Prey Activity Days at the Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre
Feeding a vulture: just one of the activities of an Activities Day at the Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre

Don't forget your camera

There will be plenty of opportunities for photographs so don't forget your camera.

Requirements and Costs

    • Price per person £160.00

    • Spectators £45.00 per person

    • Minimum age unaccompanied is 14

    • Minimum age accompanied is 10

    • In poor weather wellies are a good idea