Bird of Prey Corporate Days & Events

Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre - Falconry in North Cumbria and South West Scotland


Days and Events

If you wish to impress some of your more discerning clients why not bring them along to the centre to experience falconry through a group activity day. Guaranteed to be a memorable experience the centre's beautiful grounds and personal touch will make your customers feel like valued individuals on an exciting day out.

The Day

For groups up to six people the centre will organise morning refreshments lunch and activities to last for a full or half day. Our size and personal management allow us to tailor a day to the requirements of your company and clients.

Larger Groups

For larger groups and events the centre is affiliated with several corporate events organisers who can include other activities in your day.

Other Services

If you want the centre to come to you then you may wish to consider a falconry show or display: whatever your requirements we will be able to help.

Corporate Services offered by the Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre

Requirements, Booking and Costs

To find out about the requirements, availability and costs of a falconry or hawking corporate event, away day or team-moral boosting day out please use the Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre's contact details to get in touch.