Pest Control Services

With Birds of Prey

Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre - Falconry in North Cumbria and South West Scotland


Pest Control Services

If you have a problem with pests like seagulls, starlings or pigeons then our falconry skills may be able to help you. The Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre houses a team of raptors used for bird control, in coordination with a trained falconer, to provide a falconry-based pest control service.

Gary Swainson controls pests (seagulls, starlings and pigeons) with falcons and hawks

The Solution

Each case will be taken on its individual circumstances and a combination of distress calls backed up by the presence of a predator in the form of a hawk or falcon may well solve the problem. The Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre offers this service throughout North Cumbria and South West Scotland, or other locations in the UK if required.

Availability and Costs

To find out about the requirements, availability and costs of a falconry or hawking pest control please use the Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre's contact details to get in touch.