Falconry & Hawking Videos & Images


Videos & Images

Video footage and picture slideshow of some of the birds of prey (hawks, falcons, owls and eagles) at the Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre.

Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre - Falconry in North Cumbria and South West Scotland

Bateleur Eagle - "Bungle"

Bungle arrived to us in a bad condition, cut primary feathers and broken wings, after being illegally imported into the country. As you can see he's made a good recovery but won't have the full range of flight. Bungle is still immature and will change colour a lot when he becomes an adult.

American Kestrel - "Hank"

This tiny bird is an American Kestrel, while it's still being trained. The bright colouration of this bird make it one of the most beautiful birds of prey.

Harris Hawk - "Meg"

Meg is an adult female Harris Hawk. The female Harris Hawks are larger than the males and weigh around 2lb in weight.

Harris Hawk - "Spike"

Spike is a young, male Harris Hawk. Harris Hawks live in packs, gregarious, so more then one can be flown at the same time.

Slideshow - Favourite

A slideshow of some of our favourite images.