Two-Day Break

Bird of Prey Courses

Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre - Falconry in North Cumbria and South West Scotland


Two Day

The centre offers two-day falconry breaks, although these are not falconry courses they do offer a toe in the water insight into keeping birds of prey.

Learning on a Two-Day Hawking and Falconry Course at the Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre

The Training

The knowledge gained on this course will give you the ground work and experience to choose a bird, furnish it, man it (make it comfortable on the fist) and ultimately train and fly your bird free. The training you are given will be useful in the training of hawks, buzzards and owls, however it does not cover the training of falcons. You will be taught how to make and apply your hawk's equipment and given guidance on aviary design, weathering and mews specification. You will also be taught how to repair feathers, trim beaks, safely restrain a bird and of course the weighing and ultimately training of a hawk, along with other practical aspects of keeping a bird of prey.

I would also like to think that whilst learning these skills you have a good time and come away feeling that as well as having learned a new skill you have had a holiday.

Other Similar Courses

The centre also offers five-day hawking course teaching the skills required to keep and train a Harris Hawk.

Requirements and Costs

    • Price per person £300.00

    • Spectators are not allowed

    • Minimum age unaccompanied is 16

    • Minimum age accompanied is 14